Elvebreddens kunstpark Skedsmo Kommune 2013
Water continuously flow between the ocean, the atmosphere, the lakes, rivers and streams and the groundwater, and all that lives needs and contain water. 
The River nearby live its own life. It brings water from the mountains far away and higher up. In summer the river floats with it a moderate amount of water but when the snow melts in the spring, the water rose and the river grow wide and full of power. The water is a pulsating flow.
 The cloud and the rain is another part of the cycle. It is when it rains we can see and feel the flow of water. When it rains returns the fresh water, to the ground and the earth. New life can arise and flourish.
 Clouds are floating in the air on different heights above the ground.
 The clouds assume different forms. We have all been looking at the sky and associated around what cloud formations look like. You can see what´s currently occupying your thoughts.
 The form is constituted by triangular pieces. They form irregular shapes. You can also associate with snow, ice crystals and icebergs, another form of fresh water.
 Syklus is about nature and environmental cycles.
Media;stainless steel, polycarbonate, LED lights